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"All communication must lead to change"

- Aristotle -

The ancient Greeks were master communicators, they gave us our philosophy, the underpinnings of our science, our aesthetics, our drama and our politics. They were inspired!

For them, the magic trifecta was EthosPathos and Logos. And we bring that "back" to the forefront, vivified, energized and focused for the 21st century.

Ethos is being who we essentially are, our congruence, our presence,  our character, our impact on others.


Pathos is our ability to tap and leverage, express and engage shared human emotions, to empathize, to engage, to enroll.



Logos is the need to apply rationality, but in harmony with ethos and pathos. Not dehumanizing logic, but life affirming sanity, and clarity, healthy skepticism and creative rigor.



Welcome to a global consulting firm where business consulting focuses on igniting the human contribution to business performance.

  • Align strategies by building powerful bridges between strategy and vision on the one hand and granular tactics on the other.

  • We take on and help you eliminate passion killers in the business, ensuring your key teams are a source of competitive advantage to your business success.

  • We help you to create robust stakeholder and customer partnerships, and allow you to build a generative coaching culture, which becomes a virtuous circle throughout the organization.

  • We zealously help you eliminate time-wasting, spirit deadening, profit dampening "chains" in the organization while safeguarding and nurturing the life-giving "roots" of legacies and enabling cultures.

  • Convert decisions taken to actions executed...decisively and effectively.

  • We help you strengthen today's leadership, build tomorrow's leaders and create mutual and individual accountability for profitable growth.


We offer a dynamic range of services tailored to your organization's needs. From programmes that can align the top team to programmes that will help you engage your top customers better. 


We bring you an exciting online experience with a dramatic difference; a 10 week online course that will focus on the teachings of luminaries such as Edward De Bono, Tom Peters, Alan Weiss and more.


We have worked with a global client base - find out more about the clients our principals have worked with and testimonials that will tell you more about us. 



Thanks for contacting us. We will be in touch with you soon.

Phoenix Star International

Kemp House, 160 City Road, London,


United Kingdom 

Tel: +44 7581 440 869

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