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Marshaling diverse frames of intelligence are crucial for the 21st century, and they are a powerful "leadership vaccine" in these pandemic times.

We thank John Kao for inspiring us with his original articulation that we have added to and customized.

Where we are and what we face and how things relate and inter-relate



How we influence, enroll, energize and connect with each other to strengthen both relationships and results

Social and Emotional Intelligence

Being literate and being wise in understanding and deploying current and emerging technology.

Technological Intelligence

The behavior codes we believe will help us deliver what we are committed to while making us who we wish to be.



How we take "today's best" and use it as grist for creating "tomorrow's opportunities."

Generative Intelligence

 How to actually deliver and sustain change and value.

Transformative Intelligence

Allow us to facilitate a discussion in applying these intelligences to any of your strategies or the general challenge of the pandemic, possibly in concert with the organizational strategies sketched by us in "Surviving and Thriving Into the Future.