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by Omar Khan

Experience the genius of Releasing, a remarkable way to bypass inner blocks and live from and into your deepest, truest, Being and self.


Based on the work of a real-life Master Lester Levenson, and built upon by his collaborators and students, and synthesized by Omar Khan over many years, join us for a remarkable offer.


This programme is designed for those who have attended “Discovering Releasing.” However, we welcome those who are totally new to ‘Releasing’ and we provide an exclusive session for you to experience ‘Discovering Releasing’. 

Session 1:

Introduction to Releasing

For those who haven’t attended “Discovering Releasing,” we invite you to

spend 3 hours to learn: 

  • Holding Intentions

  • Letting Go

  • Welcoming 

  • AGFLAP and CAP

  • The Six Steps to Releasing

Session 2 & 3:

Coming Together

In 2 three-hour sessions, all together then, we will explore the following:


  • Defusing the sense of unease, restlessness, dissatisfaction, any sense of “incompleteness” from your experience.

  • How you can use the chords of your emotional state as ways to facilitate growth, abundance and freedom.

  • Transitioning from “wanting” wholeness to experiencing it. All our anxieties are in search of something we already are, and here we will personally, powerfully and directly experience that.

  • Identify and “let go” of the programming that is designed to keep churning up “problems”, which has perfected the recipe for dissatisfaction.

  • Confronting our strange relationship with our own “power.”

  • The beautiful paradox of giving and receiving.

  • Radiating abundance, joyfully, increasingly effortlessly.

  • Adding to Lester’s Legacy.



We are offering this at a special "friendship rate" to make this vital technique available to a wider audience who is fighting the medical and economic challenges of the pandemic. We hope you will respond to the invitation in the spirit in which it has been extended, and we can together bring Lester's amazing legacy to vibrant life online, together!


PS. Among the medical endorsements of the technique;


  • Dr. Christopher R.M.D. Director of the American Wellness Institute

  • Dr. David B. Durand, M.D., Former Director of Surgical Pathology at Stony Brook University Hospital, NY

  • Dr. John L Kemeny (a big fan in his heyday, and an associate of the late Albert Einstein)


What is included?

9 hours of learning - pre recorded and available at any time, once membership is purchased.

(3 hrs per episode X 3 episodes = 9 hours)


Access the entire series for just

US$ 70

ACCESS Video Series 

and members page



Super Programme! Liberating.

– Ashan Abeysundere, Director -


Soul nourishing. Feel lighter. Understandable method soaked in Love. Thanks Omar!

- Surendra Uma - 


Learnt quiet a lot. definitely quiet a different and new perspective.

- Rushith Karunaratne, Student - 


A big change to your mind. Will make you a different person.

- Huvin Fernando, Student - 


Excellent programme. Thank you for the opportunity.

- Rohan Dias - Trainer - 


It's a great and amazing programme. Uthpala Liyanage

- Nursery Teacher - 


Amazingly refreshing

– Anonymous


Amazing Experience! Truly helped me how to link my religious teaching of detachment to day to day life.

- Pula Palansuriya - 


Thank you for helping me to understand to release and let go off negativity and spread the love, Great session. The world needs more.

- Mirani De Silva - 


A life changing Experience.

– Chrishantha Jayasinghe, Director, Advertising, Sava - 


I have truly had an eye-opening experience. Letting go of all control and Just "being" and loving what is.

- Natasha De Silva - 


A very humbling experience that has helped me find practical tools to release, negative energy and focus on the 'present'.

- Priyanga Hapugala - 


It's a great experience and I would recommend this programme for all. Thank you very much for having me with you all.

- Rohan Dias - 


Exceptional. Gained a lot. Helps to release all the negatives in our mind which helps to have peace in our mind.

– Iresha Soysa - 


A life changing experience, a message to everyone whatever life throws at you, it may be good or bad, keep releasing!

– Anonymous


This is a wonderful programme which helped me to learn few amazing tools to work with my subconscious mind

- Rohitha Amarapala - Head of Human Resources, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation -


Life changing, enlightening for anyone who wants to further their professional & personal journey and go the full mile on life’s journey

– Linda Speldewinde, Founder & Chairperson, AOD - 


A deep inner experience of the possibilities of experiencing "You", in a different light. This opens up a whole range of possibilities to let go & release.

- Roshan Bambaradeniya - CEO - Prudentia Infinity - 


An enlightening experience and a must for anyone seeking finding one’s true potential.

- Chandima Wickramatunga, Vertical Lead – Property – ikman Pvt Ltd - 


Excellent Programme for day to day life, career, etc. Highly recommended it to others. Thank you.

 - Ranga De Fonseka - Assistant Vice President -Strategic Relationships & E-Commerce, Nations Trust Bank - 


Such an important experience to find true love, joy & peace.

- Ranjan De Silva - CEO Coach, Partner, Senior Management Consultant, Sensei International - 


This is the first time I was able to figure out how to NOT try to figure things out. When I separated the over whelming narrative from the emotions, possibilities are unlimited!

- Sharmila Cassim, Independent Brand Consultant - 


Life changing experience. Session helped me to heal my health challenge too. Now I am confident that a health challenge which did not have cure, is curable and I will be fine for sure. Releasing session helped me to look at situations and challenges in a different way, this helped me to find inner peace while loving everyone and everything under any situation.

- Prarthana Liyanage - Counsellor/ Facilitator. Sensei Lanka - 


I consider myself very fortunate to have attended the workshop by Mr Omar Khan two weeks ago. Even though so late in my life, it has already made my attitude & mind stress free, loving & releasing all negativity in everything & everybody. It has improved my relationship & sleep. Bless Ranjan for making this possible. If at least one percent of Sri Lankans practice this, this country will become heaven on earth.

- Dr.Sritharan - -Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon – The Lanka Hospital - 



I've always loved,

But never did I know the impact;

Today I've learned to love,

And never knew it could have such a big impact.


Today I've let go and I've released,

Today I'm on a feather bed, weightless;

I am in love with myself, I'm in love with you,

And I'm in love with the whole universe too.


Your words used to hurt me,

They used to put me down,

But now you have no control over me,

Put your 21 guns down.


For I am living with no resistance,

Letting the universe take its course,

I'm surrendering to beingness,

Omar Khan and Lester Levenson, thanks for the wise words


- A Poem by Raeesah Samsudeen, Student - 

The session is presented by Omar S Khan - Founder and Senior Partner EPL Global, Senior Partner Sensei International


Omar Khan is founder and senior partner of Sensei International. Sensei supports some of the world’s leading organizations with their leadership and business development challenges. Omar was one of the early pioneers of neuro-linguistic programming and transformational learning and more recently a presenter of ‘Releasing’ introduced to this world by Lester Levenson.


Omar Khan, recognized as a global authority on leadership development has had a significant influence in developing thousands of corporate leaders and facilitators around the world, including our very own Ranjan De Silva and Tanzi Samsudeen who leads the Sensei operations in Asia.


Having coached and presented over three decades around the world, including in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Argentina and Brazil, has provided a unique world view and a global perspective that many of our clients find invaluable as they seek to grow their own global organization and their own potential as leaders and individuals.


Omar is an accomplished author and keynote speaker. His books include Liberating Passion – How the World's Best Leaders Produce Winning Results, The Global Consultant and Who's Got Your Back (with global Thought Leader Alan Weiss). Omar’s articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Peter Drucker’s Leader to Leader, The Conference Board, Consulting News, Businessweek, The Financial Times and many others.


In 2010 Omar was also named as one of the Top 25 Consultants in the world by Consulting Magazine, when he was recognized for extraordinary efforts in client service and leadership (you can only be nominated for the award once, and this was the first time it was awarded to someone leading a boutique consulting firm).

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