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Top Team Deep Dive

Align the top team, crystallize the highest priority strategic deliverables, sharpen shared understanding of and commitment to the corporate culture, deepen and strengthen relationships and inter-relationships, enhance communication, clarify decision making protocols, and improve the "ROV" (Return on Value) of all meetings.

How the Best Get Better: Team and Individual Coaching for Real Results

The organization works with us to set improvement priorities based on the role and the individual's strengths and development areas with our guidance. A "stakeholder community" is created and guided to help make coaching holistic, natural, meaningful and sustainable. Improvement projects are led or co-led as part of the coaching growth experience, and these "projects" become "coaching labs" for leadership development (and usually pay for the entire initiative). Customized 360s and boss engagement at the outset, during, and at the conclusion of the coaching period provide powerful impetus. And if there are multiple coachees, they become a resource and "capability community" for each other. This can also address succession planning  challenges powerfully.

Engaging Your Top Customers

Strengthening the brand, stress-testing your service "moments of truth," conducting a "Vision Challenge", which enrolls your top customers as advisers and later, advocates. Enhancing service mindset/heartset and ensuring you behaviorally come through and deliver your brand promise consistently and out-execute your once "competition."

Creating Breakthrough

Sculpting organization-wide "Must Win Battles" and "Bold Courageous Steps" based on your biggest external and internal opportunities and/or challenges - distilling the biggest priorities from among your strategies to both create focused "evolution" in key ways of working and to catalyze meaningful growth in real profits, customer loyalty and market impact. This builds on global best practice in terms of galvanizing and vitalizing the entire organization and its performance culture.

Performance Culture

Updating your performance management system to ensure it is truly a coaching and development process, and that it creates accountabilities for results and values (translated into identifiable and measurable behaviors). Teaching your leaders how to conduct performance "previews", real-time coaching, as well as a dynamic and energizing "review" that drives results as well as success for your best performers.

The Leadership Journey

When you want to go all the way -- a radical, powerful, transforming, yet still invitational journey of mind/body/emotions/spirit to create paradigm expansion, redefine relationships, and liberate dynamic game-changing collective and individual capabilities.

Online Consulting

EPL Global brings to you consulting in the form of downloadable read outs, virtual group and one-on-one discussions and team and individual online learning experiences.

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